KABtronics - In The Lab

Relay Clock
A technology step before Transistor clock.  Just relays and lamps, maybe diodes, but trying not to use any semiconductors.  On hold since Aug 2011.
2015.10.11 design and prototype pendulum impulse relay circuit built
Relay Clock Progress
Power supply prototype
A test bed for computer and front panel operated bench power supply.  A switching regulator followed by a linear regulator, with voltage and current sensing, all under computer control.
Front panel prototype
Displays voltage and current.  Has speed sensing knob for easy adjustments, serial interface to PS board, very low cost.
Desk Calculator
8 digit desk calculator using Russian Vacuum Fluorescent Displays. The high voltage is generated by the PIC.  Display board prototype is working. 
2015.10.11 now working on 4xVFD display board as component of desk top calculators